Truck Thursday – Fiat Edition

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Fiat is all the rage right now.  The Abarth is coming sometime this quarter, the 500 is selling in decent numbers, and finally there is an option for people who want a tiny European car that isn’t a Mini.  Naturally, we should feature a Fiat on Truck Thursday, right?  Presenting, a 1939 Fiat 508C pickup truck.  Click through for more on this Italian hauler.

According to the seller,  This small cream little piece stielt every big truck the show.”  There is just no arguing with that sort of statement.  (It is feasible that the ad has been run through google translate, but I prefer to think it was just written this way.) 

The truck looks to have been well cared for and “for years was dry and had stood safe.”  It is currently available here on ebay

This little truck has an 1,100 cc engine and a 4-speed transmission, which the seller claims will push it to 55 mph.  The ad claims it is an older restoration but that the brakes were recently “overtaken” (presumably overhauled).  Additionally, like most Fiats, it is cute as a button.

It is, unfortunately, for sale in Raum Nürnberg, Germany, but the seller claims to be able to help you ship it to another country if need be. 


So, should you buy it?  How can you not when “The condition of this small piece of jewellery is accordingly good”?

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