Need That Car – Name That Car

Many touches of auto design from days gone by have faded away over the decades.  One of which was the iconic hood emblem.  What better way to brighten up an otherwise dull hood than a flying chrome nymph? Name that car NeedthatcarClick it to make your guess in the comment section.

The winner gets the ultimate prize – respect from NTC.

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3 Responses to Need That Car – Name That Car

  1. tugster says:

    i have no clue, but i was hoping others had left comments that would tell me. my blog is mostly about workboats, but back in december i spent a few hours in a fabulous junkyard in georgia. i wrote about it here: i like your blog and pics.

  2. tugster says:

    here’s a bunch more: the “vessel” analog to hood ornaments is a figurehead. some ailing ships used to have them, and some still do. the hudson river has a tugboat with a version of a figurehead. the tug is patty nolan . . . here”

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