Worldly: Brazilian Volkswagen Registered in Mexico, For Sale in Orem, Utah.

The VW Brasilia was built by Volkswagen of Brazil from 1973-1982.  This one is somehow in Orem Utah, although the owner says it’s registered in Mexico.  (Don’t ask how hard it would be to get a U.S. registration.  No idea.  Just hope it doesn’t have to go through the I.N.S.)

Hit it for more on this sweet globetrotter…

According to the seller, this example only has 29,800 miles and was stored by an old man for 23 years.  The paint is new, everything else is claimed to be original.  The photos seem to back those claims very well.  Click here for the ad on

Click the headlights for the ad.

Although it looks a bit like a sportier version of the 80’s Rabbit, it is actually based on the Karmann Ghia platform, meaning it is rear wheel drive with a rear-mounted, air-cooled boxer engine.  How cool is that? 

Rear engine.

I suppose that not knowing that this car ever existed may be an excuse for why you haven’t bought one, but it’s a weak excuse.  This car seems to need nothing.  The VW fan-boys should be crawling over each other to get to it. 

Clean interior. Still smells like Brazil!

The Seller also claims that there are currently only 4 of these in the U.S., which seems a bit of an exaggeration, given that over 1 million were produced.  However many there are, they are definitely rare in the U.S.  The Brasilia was never imported to the U.S. – or Europe for that matter. 

They are also a quite attractive little car, with clean lines and a closed front grille area.   It would look great in your garage.

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