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Padded Vinyl Landau Roofs For Everyone! The 1987 Chrysler Lineup

Take several different Chrysler ads from 1987 and mash them up into a 3 minute video and what do you get?  You get a humorous glimpse at the sorry state of Chrysler at the time.  Landau roofs, integrated coach lights, … Continue reading

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I Want That Job: R/C Mini Cooper Discus Retriever

Those wry Brits have an adorable ingenious method for retrieving the discus and the javelins thrown at this year’s summer games.  A remote controlled Mini Cooper.  The judges drop the hardware in the car’s sunroof and some lucky schmo drives … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Great Review Of “Boys Of Bonneville”

[image source:] The film, “Boys of Bonneville” has been discussed here before, but not nearly to the extent that Jesse of has done.  His review caught my eye when I noticed a couple of my photos in his … Continue reading

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Prius “Solution” Is Most Environmentally Friendly Car Ever

Just when you thought the Prius had done enough for the environment, those brilliant buggers over at Toyota topped themselves.  Rejoice tree huggers, and behold the most earth-friendly car ever, the Prius Solution. A big hat tip to our new … Continue reading

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Obligatory: Ken Block Gymkana 5 – Streets Of San Francisco

Ken Block and his driving skills are amazing. The 650 HP Ford Fiesta he drives is also amazing. What could be cooler than watching Block performing his long list of automotive parlor tricks? Watching him perform them in one of … Continue reading

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Upcoming Documentary: Wagonmasters

“The car that was once the quintessential image of the American Dream is all but dead – at least for most people.” – Wagonmasters website For every type, make, model, and style of car, there is a following  Part of … Continue reading

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Fiat Abarth: Now In Showrooms!

I have not personally seen one, but the Fiat marketing folks have announced that the Fiat Abarth has finally arrived in showrooms.  This is great news for Abarth enthusiasts as well as fans of Catrinel Menghia, who has become the … Continue reading

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Rick Prelinger’s Lost Landscapes Of San Francisco – Archival Footage

This film is a bit of a departure for Need That Car, as it is more historical than automotive, but don’t worry, there are a ton of cars to glance as the film rolls along. Rick Prelinger has spent countless … Continue reading

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They Were All New Once: 1936 Chevrolet Assembly Line Film

(This post was originally written for, and appeared here, at The Great Depression was in full swing in 1936.  However, Roosevelt’s New Deal was now three years old.  Things were starting to improve.  The U.S. was going back to … Continue reading

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Scarred For Life: Pôneis Malditos [Now updated with more evil]

This is a Nissan commercial that you definitely should not watch.  It is in Portuguese, so I don’t really know what they are saying, but I do know that Pôneis Malditos translates (via Google Translate) to “Damned Ponies”. Definitely don’t … Continue reading

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