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Scootmobile – Wait, What?

Born of neccessity, the scootmobile was a miniature automotive movement of the 1940s.  WWII had seen severe rationing of gasoline and people were finding efficient alternatives to ordinary automobiles. This is one of the more attractive examples. Click for more.

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Project Turbo Arrow: NTC’s Build Thread

Need That Car has a new project.  Actually, it’s two projects in one.  The first part of the project is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow.  The truck itself was featured in an earlier post and, well, it just stole my heart.  … Continue reading

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Looks Familiar – 1937 Ford Woody Project

This 1937 Ford Woodie project looks familiar to Need That Car.  Perhaps it’s because I once owned it.  It’s now here on ebay for the low, low price of…FREE!  Well, free if you pay the shop that currently owns it … Continue reading

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Blastolene Decoliner

The Blastolene Decoliner is a one of a kind, hand-made luxury RV/Art piece/streamliner.  The craftsmanship is amazing.  The styling is excellent.  The engineering is impressive.  Most of all, the scale of the project is astounding. Hit the jump for several … Continue reading

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Adorable. 1961 R/C Impala Low-Rider With Hydraulics

This is a video of a radio control ’61 Impala low-rider with functional hydraulics.  It is just about as cute as anything.  It rides on a scratch-built brass frame and it does all the standard low-rider moves. Click it for … Continue reading

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EV Midget Build – Part 8: Finishing Touches and Adventures

35 days had gone by since I decided to do this build.  With a lot of help from my friend Sam and my dad, this thing was up and running in time to take it to the Wells Fun Run … Continue reading

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EV VW Beetle (There’s a theme brewing.)

This 1974 VW Beetle has been converted to full electric.  100% green, emissions-free driving.  (Yeah, yeah, coal-burning power plants produce emissions, but per unit of energy, they produce far less than a ’74 Bug.)  Anyone who loves Mutter Earth should … Continue reading

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